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Providing a complete service for online survey scripting, hosting and data processing:

I will be your personal assistant at every stage of the process ensuring efficiency and competence, drawing on 13 years of industry experience to manage your project and help you meet deadlines.


I can provide as much or as little help as you need - with the simplest of surveys, or more advanced designs including conjoint methods, multi-day diaries, complex tracking or a client's in-house proprietary method.

I am based in Australia but regularly provide assistance to international clients. Time-zones or languages are no barrier.

Typical schedule of events

  1. I receive the questionnaire and stimulus, then clarify questions and timings
  2. I format any stimulus and script the online survey
  3. I issue you a link to check the survey then provide me with feedback
  4. I make any improvements to the survey and obtain your approval to start fieldwork
  5. The survey is piloted to check length, incidence and data capture
  6. Main fieldwork is commenced and I monitor progress. You may also check real-time results via an online reporting portal
  7. Once quotas are achieved I close the survey and provide output to your specifications


Test a survey demonstrating the range of question types


Pricing depends on the size, content and complexity of your proposed online survey, the data outputs required, and the number and type of respondents you wish to interview. Please email or phone me with your survey details and I'll get back to you with a quote.


Email: russell (at) surveyhelp (dot) net
Phone: +61 (0)400 506 058
Skype: Russell.Pizel
LinkedIn: Russell Pizel
SurveyHelp P/L
70 Craigholm Street
Sylvania NSW 2224
ABN: 63 135 792 504


SurveyHelp P/L was established in 2007 to service the growing demand and enthusiasm for interviews conducted over the web. The purpose was to provide a one-stop shop for online surveys. In this capacity I have assisted a broad range of local and international clients with many and varied surveys and research projects. Previous to 2007 I worked in the programing and data processing departments of global and boutique research agencies in Sydney. A sum of 13 years experience in the Market & Social Research Industry.